21 oktober 2010

Magnetic Letters!

The girls little cousin celebrated her 2nd birthday recently. We knew immediately what to buy for her - Magnetic Letters! Both our girls have loved these things and we took them out when they were around the age of 2. They are great fun and provides such easy learning for the child. We never practised with our girls, they just loved standing at the fridge playing with the letters and learning what letter their name began with and our names and their friends names and grandmothers etc. Our youngest has a pretty long name with 8 letters and she has had such good help from these magnetic letters. She is 4 years old now and can spell and write her name perfectly and we still have all the letters up on our fridge. Our little cousin loved all the colorful letters and started playing with them immediately. Hopefully they will give her as much as they've given our girls.

Erika B

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Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys sa...

Love the colors of this photo. My little girl loved magnetic letters too. I need to get them out for my boys.

Colin and Jill Canada sa...

Oh Erika! I love little hands and I love to see new and different ways of capturing them. The colours are stunning.

I would love magnetic letters on my fridge, but can't. Why are stainless steel fridges not magnetized?! Very strange.


Katie sa...

I LOVE this shot!! It's so colorful and captures the simple joys of childhood!

Ewa sa...

Magnetic letters are great fun!

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