25 juni 2012

21 juni 2012

20 juni 2012

19 juni 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday!

Gold sandals and painted toe nails for the last day of school.

Erika B

18 juni 2012


School is officially out for the summer!

The girls wore their new dresses from Monsoon, London.

We put on our best smiles!

And our oldest played a hymn on her violin at church.

Now they have a whole lazy summer in front of them. If only the weather would get warmer!

Erika B

14 juni 2012

13 juni 2012

12 juni 2012

11 juni 2012


It was a superfun and busy weekend. Some of us are still spinning!

Erika B

7 juni 2012

5 juni 2012

4 juni 2012


Unfortunately we never managed to fly it properly.

Erika B