23 maj 2010

Week 21 - "Yellow" Photo Challenge

My oldest daughter ready to go to the childrens disco on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca with a yellow flower in her hair.

Erika B

16 maj 2010

Week 20 - "Flowers and faces" Photo Challenge

My oldest daughter picking those first spring flowers. They always bring such happiness when they arrive and both my girls just love picking them.

Erika B

9 maj 2010

Week 19 - "Celebrating Mom" Photo Challenge

My mother and my youngest. The greatest mom and granny! A very important person in our lives.

Erika B

3 maj 2010

Week 18 - “Then & Now” Photo Challenge

This weeks theme at I heart faces is "Then and Now". My photos don't really qualify but I still wanted to put them up on the blog since they mean a lot to me. There is not a whole lot of time inbetween them but looking at our little girl and her accomplishments you would think they are lightyears apart. The first photo shows our little youngest daughter in China after being with us only a few days. She was 21 months old, very shy, very quiet, pale, sad, not smiling but watching us intently not sure what to think. To right is a picture of her taken a few weeks ago. She is now a confident, happy, smart, energetic and absolutely lovely 4-year-old and we love her to pieces. She has come such a long way from that first picture!

Erika B