23 oktober 2010

Camera Critters!

We went to the zoo and saw these curious little sweeties.

Erika B

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That is one amazing photo!!! How lucky you were to have TWO peeking around the post at one time!!!

My link to this week's CAMERA CRITTERS if you dare to stop by when time allows.

Valerie sa...

Sweeties when they are in a zoo - certainly not when they are terrorizing your home!

Great shot though!!

Just Me sa...

What an amazing capture! Very nice photo.

Blondie's Abode

Nikki-ann sa...

So sweet! What a fantastic shot :)

Michael sa...

That is a cute shot of the bandit duo.

Kay L. Davies sa...

Wonderful to capture a shot of two at the same time, doing the same thing. The door frames them so beautifully. Lots of people say they're pests, but since I've never had them bother me or my yard, I think they're adorable.

Kay, Alberta

chubskulit sa...

Great shot!

Hungry Birds

Müge Tekil sa...

Superb photo! The best contribution of this week's CC!


☆Mama Ko☆ sa...

they're peeking whos peeking at thhem


Anonym sa...

What a cute shot!

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