30 mars 2012

Favorite Photo Friday!

Just hanging around waiting for the weekend!

Erika B

29 mars 2012

28 mars 2012

27 mars 2012


...she is 9 years old!

Happy Birthday O!

May all your wishes come true!

Erika B

26 mars 2012


It was a gorgeous spring weekend and we did something we haven't done in a very long time. We went to the park and fed the birds. The little one decided to make special food trails for the pigeons to follow.

Erika B

23 mars 2012

22 mars 2012

21 mars 2012

19 mars 2012

15 mars 2012

Thursday! & Favorite Photo Friday

The little one has a new favorite hairdo!

Erika B

14 mars 2012


My oldest has discovered the joy and importance of newspapers.

Erika B

13 mars 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday!

We had a gorgeous weekend to ourselves, the husband and I, in our nations capitol.

Erika B

12 mars 2012

7 mars 2012

6 mars 2012

I Heart Faces - "Beautiful B&W!"

My youngest with her beautiful eyes.

Erika B

Sweet Shot Tuesday!

The little one wanted to show me her trick!

Erika B

1 mars 2012