28 september 2012

26 september 2012

25 september 2012


"S" has a new raincoat but still looked really wet on our walk in the forest.

Erika B

Sweet Shot Tuesday!

We went for a walk on Sunday in one of our beautiful nature reserves.

There were still some blueberries to be found,...

...the forest was gorgeously green....

...and some other colors.

The constant raining had finally stopped...

...but there were puddles everywhere.

The sun came out to warm us...

...as we walked along the stream.

Beloved friends were with us,...

...puddles were jumped in,...

...the scenery was lovely...

..and we found the cutest little frog.

All in all it was a great Sunday morning.

Erika B

21 september 2012

Favorite Photo Friday!

Happy Friday!

Erika B

20 september 2012

19 september 2012

18 september 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday!

           My hearts!!! They posed so well for me and we had lots of fun but no smiles because they wanted to look cool like teenagers. Still cute if you ask me.

Erika B

17 september 2012


Let's jump start the week!

Erika B

14 september 2012


Thank God it's Friday!

Erika B

13 september 2012


Family portrait!

Erika B

12 september 2012

11 september 2012

10 september 2012

7 september 2012

6 september 2012

5 september 2012

I Heart Faces - "Summer Fun!"

There is nothing like playing on the beach!

Erika B

Photo Challenge Submission