31 augusti 2011

Black & White Wednesday!

The girls are still fascinated with old castles and dungeouns. So naturally we have visited more than one castle this summer. I like how this one turned out in black and white but I still think my favourite is the color version because of the warm light.

Erika B

30 augusti 2011

I Heart Faces - "White!"

My take on the theme "White". This was taken a few summers back but my oldest really loved that white dress. This year it was even too short to wear as a tunic.

Erika B

Sweet Shot Tuesday!

A gorgeous summer evening on the spanish island Gran Canaria.

Erika B

25 augusti 2011

Back to school!

They were excited, they were ready and I struggled to understand that we now have two schoolgirls in the house. Whatever happened to my babies?!!

Erika B

It's been a great summer!

Too bad it ended so quickly!

Erika B