30 november 2012

Favorite Photo Friday!

We have finally chosen the perfect photo for our Christmas cards.

Erika B

28 november 2012

27 november 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday!

Scary windowdisplay in one of the designer shops on Bond Steet, London.

Erika B

26 november 2012


We've had a busy and fun weekend. The girls had their dance recital and this year the theme was "The Circus". A truly colorful show and the girls did great!

Then we celebrated someone's 7th birthday a few weeks in advance since our family was gathered anyway.

Erika B

23 november 2012

22 november 2012


South Bank - London

Erika B

20 november 2012


                                                                           Erika B

19 november 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday - Portobello Road - London


                                                                            Erika B

18 november 2012

Six Summer Photos!

I got this summer challenge from www.pienilintu.blogspot.se . I had to choose six favorite photos from last summer. Not that easy to choose only six but here they are!

Why don't you join in the fun!

Erika B

China Town - London

Erika B

16 november 2012

Favorit Photo Friday! - Then and now!



My girls - I can hardly believe how much they've grown. No more babies but two beautiful schoolgirls!

Erika B

13 november 2012

Look who we saw in London!

       Rod Stewart was signing his new biography at Waterstones and we passed by just as he was      getting out of the car.

                                                                              Erika B

11 november 2012

We have been...

                             ...on a little getaway the husband and I. It was a wonderful trip!

                                                                           Erika B