13 april 2012

Favorite Photo Friday!

We woke up to quite a lot of snow on Saturday so we had to have our little Easter Photo Shoot indoors instead. Not what I had in mind but the girls were happy. They didn't want to go out.

Erika B

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Buckeroomama sa...

Sweet, sweet shots. :)

Isn't it weird how out of whack the weather is this year?

Teri sa...

They are adorable!

Tezzie sa...

I don't blame them for wanting to stay indoors! Easter was cold here, too, and if it wasn't for the lure of knocking on doors for candy, I'm sure my little ones would've chosen to stay inside, too!

Cedar sa...

Snow? We sometimes get that for Easter, but very, very rare!

LOVE these shots! So sweet and they look so naturally happy!

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