9 januari 2012

I Heart Faces - "Best Face Photo from 2011"

I went through almost all of my photos from last year but ended up entering this one of my oldest that I took on one of the last days of December. I love the light and that smile that she has been giving me lately. It's her new smile for older girls. She will be 9 years old in a couple of months and she is suddenly very aware of how to pose. Sigh....hard to make it look natural but this one is OK though.

Erika B

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Tezzie sa...

japp...ännu en underbar bild. Gillar leendet...hon ser så vuxen ut, som om hon har klurat ut världens hemligheter. Mona Lisa smile :)

Gott nytt år på er!! <3

Ewa sa...

I can see why you chose that one as your favourite!

Buckeroomama sa...

I love the colors and the angle. Great shot!

Hah, my 4yo is also posing this way and that and asking me to take pictures of her. It's a girl thing, you think? :)

Ashley Sisk sa...

I love the side glance - adorable.

Jimh. sa...


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