11 september 2011

I Heart Faces - "Back to School!"

Back to school after a nice, long summer. The oldest enjoying all the challenges the schoolyard has to offer when it comes to climbing and doing all kinds of exercises. She is always on the run!

                                                                           Erika B

6 kommentarer:

Chie Sipin - Bjarenas sa...

love the framing on this! lovely composition!

Stasha sa...

Love the frame within a frame. She is very pretty.

Rebekah Tosh Photography sa...

Love this shot!

Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys sa...

She is so pretty. Great shot of her.

Julie Wagner sa...

What a sweetie! Sweet capture!

Traci Michele sa...

so adorable... love the sweetness. Love it! I have a new photo blog hop starting Mondays... love to have you!



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