28 juni 2011

Shutter Love Tuesday - All Kids!


"O" made no 2!!! Yeah, well done!!! And was featured at The Trendy Tree House.


This shot was taken by my 8-year-old "O". She has developed a love for photography and I love that we can share this passion. She has an eye for a good shot and I belive that she can become really, really good if she sticks to it. This particular shot was taken at the house in London where we stayed in April. She was totally amazed with all the beautiful petals and crawled around to get the perfect shot.

Erika B

6 kommentarer:

Anne U sa...

Awesome photo, she has talent.

Ashley Sisk sa...

She already has a great eye for photography!

Chic Homeschool Mama sa...

She did a great job! I love that we are all raising future photogs.

Tezzie sa...

Bara...wow! måste man säga :D

Anonym sa...

How awesome!

Light Trigger sa...

Via Shutter Love
Light Trigger: our entry

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