28 mars 2011

Week 13 - "Slice of Life" Photo Challenge!

My contribution to "Slice of Life" is my little/big 8-year-old. She turned 8 yesterday and we got her a digital camera. She was so happy about it and wanted to go to the park to try it out. Luckily she posed a bit for her mummy as well.

Erika B

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TaMara sa...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter.


Anonym sa...

Ahh - to be 8 yrs old with a camera! Love the view through a young one's eyes.

I love the pink shoes ;)

Tezzie sa...

Hon e ju sååå söt! Grattis i efterskott :D (mycket häftiga skor, btw!)

Raymonde sa...

Happy Birthday to your daughter. What a great present! Take care. xxx

MrsBFrye sa...

Ohh I love the shoes! So cute

the meaklims sa...

Happy Birthday and I love love love her pink checkered runners!

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