14 december 2010

Shutter Love Tuesday - "Dreaming"

UPDATED! Jippie....I made number 7 with my dreamy shot. So many great shots for this theme so I'm truly honoured.


It was a crisp and cold day. We went down to the lake to feed the ducks that were slipping around on the ice. My oldest looked out over the icy lake and got this wonderfully dreamy look on her face.

Erika B

6 kommentarer:

Ashley Sisk sa...

Beautiful shot - love the coloring.

Jessica sa...

Beautiful!! Agree with Ashley 100%

Sarah Halstead sa...

Gorgeous photo. Love all the colors.

Serline sa...

She's gorgeous... love the rosy colours on her cheeks.

Misty sa...

Lovely! Beautiful colors!

Elizabeth sa...

I love this - the color is fantastic!

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